Who Gives A Crap

Parent Company: Good Goods Holdings Pty Ltd

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Company ownership: Who Gives A Crap launched in 2012 in Australia with a crowdfunding campaign where the founder sat on a toilet in a warehouse for 50 hours until the first $50,000 was raised - the company is owned by Good Goods holdings Pty Ltd 🇦🇺

Certifications & Qualities: Certified B-Corp, Carbon-Neutral Shipping, Vegan, Compostable Packaging, 50% of profits are donated, plastic-free packaging (with the exception of packaging tape).

People:** Serving human needs are core to the company’s mission as Who Gives A Crap was founded after the founders learned that 2.4 billion people don’t have access to a toilet (that figure is now down to 2 billion). 50% of profits are donated to various impact partners (over $10M so far) to ensure global access to clean water and a toilet within our lifetime.

**Planet: ****Who Gives a Crap has two types of paper products: 100% recycled paper TP (from post-consumer waste paper like textbooks, office paper, etc) and 100% bamboo toilet paper (as well as other bamboo paper products like paper towels and tissues). The recycled paper option is the most eco-friendly of the two (and the most budget friendly), but the bamboo option is also better for the planet than standard virgin tree-paper products because bamboo is a much more sustainable source than wood pulp as it grows faster and can be harvested more frequently - requiring almost 90% less land per sheet to produce. Who Gives A Crap has invested in carbon-neutral shipping - meaning that the company pays for carbon offsets equal to the carbon produced, and with the exception of packaging tape, their packaging is completely plastic-free. They plan to be 100% plastic-free by the end of 2022.

Political: Who Gives A Crap has not contributed to political campaigns in the last three federal elections (’16, ‘18, ‘20) through PAC or individual employee political contributions (of amounts over $1,000).

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